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Foreign Exchange is a female barbershop quartet that began in the end of January 2009. Consisting of 4 members of the Women of Note Chorus in Hudson, MA, these four ladies not only sing fairly well, they have a fun time together also.

Bass Amanda Holloway is a born and bred American who is a Surgical Technologist by day and an avid equestrian by night. She enjoys spending her free time riding hunters and jumpers competitively. She began barbershopping in 2004 and now is the bass section leader in Women of Note. She loves singing tags until the wee hours in the morning, the more challenging the tag, the more fun she has.

Baritone Nanda Landers also loves singing tags. She was born and raised in The Netherlands, only coming to the US in 1991 as an au pair when she met and married Tim. They have 2 children. Nanda is an Applied Behavior Analysis Specialist in the Maynard Public Schools. She is the "newbie" to barbershop, having just started singing in 2005, but you can't tell that by listening to her. She's been singing baritone all her life but just never knew it before.

Tenor Morgan La Croix is as Canadian as one can get. She can trace back her heritage for 16 generations on her father's side! She has been singing barbershop since the ripe old age of 12 when she joined the Montreal Chapter of Harmony, Inc. She has been in many quartets since then, both in Harmony, Inc and Sweet Adelines Intl. After a year and half in Boston, Morgan is back living in Montreal where she hopes to pursue her teaching career and to eventually finish her masters degree in Music Education. Morgan gives private vocal lessons and works part time at RW&Co. She is well known for being the tenor of After Hours, 2000 Harmony Queens.

Lead Maria Gabriella was born and raised in Montreal Canada, bringing even more foreign flavour (yes, flavoUr) to the quartet. What separates her from Morgan is that Maria is a first generation Canadian, since her parents were both born in different countries. She has sung in various quartets and choruses since she discovered barbershop in 1995 and is happily calling Women of Note her current home, where she is assistant lead section leader. Her husband is well known barbershopper Mike Gabriella who also coaches the quartet. (thank you Mike!) She is also well known for being the lead of After Hours, 2000 Harmony Queens.


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