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School or Affiliation: Haverford College
Haverford College
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The 'Ford S-Chords

Haverford College was founded in 1833, and surely there were all-male singing groups that weren't sponsored by the music department long before the 1980’s rolled around. There are plenty of old “Haverford Songs” in the archives here at the College, some of which are still performed today by the groups on campus. As the pre-eminent group, we were founded in the fall of 1985.
It all started when the only other a capella group at the time decided not to hold auditions one semester. Then the 'Ford S-Chords were born. Our founding ignited an a capella explosion. That's right... we were the beginning of a trend that persists today.

Somewhere around the very early 1990’s, the group moved from changing their uniform every few years to their current get-up: white painter’s overalls and no socks or shoes.

The future seems to hold big things for the S-Chords but we’ll always stay true to our overalls and bare feet.


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