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Downely Cottage
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Five Live met while singing together in the Swingle Singers. Over the course of time we left one by one to work as free-lance singers. As London based singers we worked in many different fields from opera to jazz, avant-garde to film and radio sessions. While we enjoyed our work, we realised that our love of close harmony a cappella singing had no outlet. One night, after a good meal and a few glasses of wine, we started singing just for fun and Five Live was born! We did not want to repeat the past, so while we all valued our Swingle roots, we wanted a new sound, a more gutsy/pop orientated sound. We decided not to repeat the set up of eight singers, which we found rather unwieldy at times, but to go for the combination of three men and two women. This gave us a richer bass end. We also changed the style of the arrangements, writing the vocal lines closer together giving a more compact texture.


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