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School or Affiliation: School of Music Vocations
Creston, IA

First Take

First Take is one of 5 distinct vocal jazz groups from The School For Music Vocations at Southwestern Community College. Along with performing and touring nationally, First Take also co-hosts the SFMV Vocal Jazz Festival each February, this year featuring special guest artists, M-Pact.

Since 2005, the group has hosted and staffed the School For Music Vocations Summer Vocal Jazz/Choral Workshop in Northern California, a 5-day workshop for high school and college students, music directors, and vocal jazz enthusiasts.

First Take released its first recording “For the Taking” in February 2005, and is currently finishing its second CD. In 2005, the group earned a Downbeat Student Music Award for Best College Vocal Jazz Group. This year, First Take performed at International Association for Jazz Education Convention in NYC in January 2007.


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