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Fifth Avenue started out with one common goal, world domination through 4-part harmony. This proved to be just one of many utopian ideals that catapulted "the Ave" onto that lofty perch inhabited by so many others who make vocal jazz their home...COMPLETE AND TOTAL OBSCURITY! Realizing early on that fame, fortune, and a harmonically haunting rendition of "My Romance" didn't mix, Fifth Avenue turned their backs on father jazz, packed up the Ford van, and hit the road. Next stop...pop iconhood. Though times were tough and artistry was scarce in those early years, the newly road hardened foursome managed to share the stage with several entertainers you may have actually heard of, such as: The Four Freshmen, Pete Barbutti, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Bill Cosby. After two years of Holiday Inns, low pay, and time away from loved ones, the boys decided to take a break... a very long break. Fast forward to 2005...Las Vegas based Fifth Avenue returns to the music they so dearly love. "4 The Fun Of It", a collection of seven standards, two original compositions, and a mind twisting modulating classic movie medley is the result of arranger/composer Rob Hyatt's lifelong passion for the music of groups like the Hi-Lo's, Take 6, and The Singers Unlimited. Hyatt's brilliant arrangements, the group's ability to "sound as one", and the wonderfully crafted singing of Jerry Jones, Bryce Robinson and Jeff Celentano make this a must for any harmony lovers collection!


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