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School or Affiliation: SUNY Genesco
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Exit 8

The day was September 2, 2003. The sun was setting as the two individuals entered the coffee shop flush with excitement and a new idea. As their powwow began, they introduced themselves as Sadie Mueller and Justin Swackhamer, and their minds immediately began to stir together like milk in coffee. Their vision was pure and their design clear. They would create a co-ed acappella group on the campus of SUNY Geneseo, and it would be unlike any other.

They moved quickly to set their plan in motion. Auditions were held and members were chosen. The criteria was simple. To be a member, you must be brave, you must be confident and most importantly, you must be unique. So, 18 distinctly unique individuals were chosen and a new organization was created. It was at this time that they decided on a name for the group: Vocal Fusion.

The group rehearsed long and hard, and had their first performance in the Java House at the end of October 2003. Two weeks later, the group performed again at the Java House with highly acclaimed Ithacappella from Ithaca College. At the beginning of the second semester, the group, dismayed with their current appellation, changed their name to 'Exit 8' after the Geneseo exit on I-390 southbound. The name was soon a hit and so was the group!

Since their first performance Exit 8 has come an extremely long way. They have performed at benefit concerts, weddings, and have run clinics at local high schools and elementary schools. Exit 8 takes immense pride in their performing, and is perpetually building on the foundation laid by those charter members back in the Fall of 2003.


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