School or Affiliation: Lexington High School
Lexington, MA


Euphoria, Lexington High School’s oldest all female a capella group, loves to have a great time and make music together. A tight group, they enjoy singing all different kinds of music and love to perform any chance they get.

Lexington High School has an extensive student-led a cappella program.  Based on the collegiate a cappella model, Lexington's program boasts seven different ensembles.  While these groups fall under the auspices of the LHS Music Department, students hold auditions and cast ensembles, write their own arrangements and rehearse on their own, outside of school hours.  Three times a year, the Music Department hosts public A Cappella Jamborees or "Jams", and students have the opportunity to showcase the efforts of their outstanding work.  Often area college a cappella groups will headline as guest artists.  Each year, the spring A Cappella Jam raises money for the Major Bass-Joseph DiDomenico Scholarship Fund.  Jam proceeds are also sometimes earmarked as charitable contributions to support local, national and international causes.




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