School or Affiliation: Albion College
Albion, MI


The Albion College Euphonics is a student-led musical organization based upon three main objectives: allowing members an outlet for singing pop and jazz a cappella music; giving students the opportunity to compose and arrange a cappella music and providing a group that is available and willing to perform that music; and providing the campus with concerts consisting of popular and jazz based a cappella music.

​The Euphonics have proved to be an extremely popular group on Albion's campus by winning the Albion Battle of the Bands as well as performing multiple solo concerts since the organization was formed in 2002. In the fall of 2010, the Euphonics placed first in a state-wide acapella competition at Grand Valley State University, along with winning additional awards for best choreography and best repitore the following year.

Along with performing live concerts and short shows during the academic year, the Euphonics also record a semi-annual album. As of December 2011, we have released five albums, the most recent of which, "Euphonics Evolution", can be found on iTunes and is available for download.

​Membership is based on an audition process open to the entire student body, which are held at the beginning of each fall semester and at the end of each spring semester. For those of you interested in joining the group, keep posted for additional information or navigate your browser to the "Contact" tab to get in touch with our directors.

We strive to perfect our songs and present the best performance possible. We are dedicated to performing and entertaining. We love what we do!


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