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Ensemble 98 was founded by Alexander Burda in 1998. Singers and instrumentalists, who had been friends since their schooldays, organized a charity performance for a school project in Brazil. Since that time, members of the Ensemble have met regularly for 2-4 concert projects a year. The musicians of Ensemble 98 are scattered throughout Germany – now also France - and pursue soloist careers or sing in other renowned ensembles like the Evangelische Jugendkantorei der Pfalz (Jochen Steuerwald), the Kammerchor Stuttgart (Frieder Bernius), the Freiburger Camerata Vocale (Winfried Toll), the Gächinger Kantorei (Helmuth Rilling) and the Chamber Choir of Europe (Nicol Matt). Ensemble 98 collaborates on a regular basis with Stefanie Köhler, professor of speech science at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt. Ensemble 98 not only gives concerts in Germany but also in Paris and Lyon in France.


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