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El Trío Chikiboom is a fortunate coincidence that formed in Barcelona in 2007. Three women of different nationalities (Spanish, Canadian and French) came together with the intention of creating a unique project: a repertoire of Jazz-Swing standards from the 1930 and 40's never before sung a cappella.

Their original inspiration came from groups like the darlings of the Golden Age, the Andrews and Boswell Sisters, but soon their own unique take on the styles of the period began to emerge.

Seeing El Trío Chikiboom perform is pure pleasure, as their three “diva” quality voices sing in blended harmony. The trio relies upon the savoir faire of the North American of the group. Her first hand knowledge of the details of this genre, and intuitive feeling for the music of the period makes the musical arrangements of the trio her responsibility.

The show offered by El Trío Chikiboom is attractive to audiences of many different types: Jazz and Swing lovers, vocal music fans, retro fashion fetishists; and in general all of them, including children, end up enraptured by the charisma, and enthusiastic and communicative attitudes that these women exude on stage.

It's a well known fact that El Trío Chikiboom's wardrobe exceeds all imaginable dimensions, because it is almost impossible to see them repeat an outfit. Always combining elegance and suggestive allure, they'll surprise their fans with military uniforms in pure “Andrews Sisters” style, classy evening gowns, classy pin-up or cabaret attire, or whatever else evokes the memory of the epoch.

Beguiled by their spicy humour and subtle powers of seduction, the audience has no choice but to interact with smiles and laughter, and even sing along with a song or two.

As they only need their voices to perform, these women offer a very flexible show: they create ephemeral stages and spaces and they adapt to whatever situation that the client proposes.

They can sing from balconies, windows, staircases, gardens, on the street, etc and they move with total freedom through the event.

They can also surprise the audience disguised as waitresses, hostesses, fake clients, or what ever other costume the show demands.


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