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3048 N. Tyler Ave
El Monte, CA

El Monte High School A Cappella Choir

This is the advanced choir at El Monte High School. Long ago the name was given to the choir since all that was sung before was A Cappella. The name was kept and well, here we are. Every year we go out and travel to different states to compete. This past 2010-2011 school year we traveled to Hawai'i.

We host 2 concerts every year, A Christmas and Spring Concert. During those seasons we go to convalescent homes to sing for the elderly whose family's can not take care of anymore and we try to brighten up their day.

It may seem like it's all fun for this choir but we put in our money, hard work, and commitment in order to achieve what we've been able to do.
Our trips cost a lot of money. They are usually around $1000 per person. However, we fundraise and try to get donations to help pay for our expenses which has helped lower the cost.

We don't only think of this group as a choir but as a Family. And not just any family but a perfect family.... well as perfect as we can make it. Like in most families, there are people with all different types of personalities and groups. However, we always try to come together and make things work.


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