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Eklipsis Vocal Ensemble

The vocal ensemble-voice orchestra Eklipsis* was formed in November 2000 by the conductor and composer Matthew Legakis, the piano soloist and soprano singer Myrto Akrivou and the teacher of music and pianist Sotiris Sarandakos.

Their purpose is to acquaint and bring the public into contact with not only the modern but also the classical music repertoire through the vocal art.
The ensemble has nine members- soloists, four female and four male voices and a pianist. The original and of high-standard harmonizations-orchestrations by the conductor and his collaborators and by important arrangers of this kind, provide the characteristic sound of the ensemble, in which the voice plays the role of a musical instrument being at the same time a solid choir. This kind of a voice orchestra is pioneer in Greece.

Its repertoire includes works from the classical and romantic period, jazz and Latin music, soundtracks, musicals and traditional music of Greece and other counties. Apart from these, its repertoire includes also contemporary music written by Greek and foreign composers.

Until now it has given many performances in concert halls and open-air theatres all over Greece and has released CDs with Christmas songs from all over the world. One of its greatest collaborations was with the organization Athens 2004 at the Welcome Ceremonies of the 28th Paralympic games.

* eklipsis in the ancient Greek music meant the lowering of a note or the transition from a higher to a lower in the vocal music.


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