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School or Affiliation: University of California Berkeley
Berkeley, CA

Drawn to Scale

Drawn to Scale was originally formed in 2009 under the name of Vocal Offerings by a group of like-minded musicians who wanted to give its members the opportunity to sing together as well as play together. A year after its initial creation, the members of the then Vocal Offerings, decided that they wanted to create a more serious group with a greater focus on musical excellency and new songs and thus Drawn to Scale was born in 2010!

Our goal is to continue to grow and improve as musicians and vocalists while exploring a diversity of musical genres, from more traditional a cappella pieces to musicals to pop to whatever anyone wants to introduce. We arrange our own music and have fun performing for the campus and off-campus community.

We enjoy serenading random passerby, hunting down stairwells and other acoustically sound locations, funny hats, cupcakes, and having fun being silly!


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