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School or Affiliation: Westborough High School
Westborough, MA

Don't Panic

From its humble beginnings some five and a half years ago, Don't Panic has been and will always be... a cult. A very friendly cult. Since Rachel Ryan started the group under the name Not So Sharp waaay back in 2007, we've grown in numbers, height, and general immaturity after two hour rehearsals. We put out our first CD ever ever, Infinite Repeat, three years ago to thunderous accolades from our mothers. Two years ago we released our second CD, Streetlight, to even thunderous-er accolades from our many fans and, of course, our mothers. Last year, we released an EP of Shark in the Water, recorded at the Yale recording Studio- Check it out! Now, we are working on our third CD ever - title TBA - to be release in June 2012. And if you're around Ulhman's on a Wednesday night and happen to walk by us singing by a certain streetlight- Congrats. You win the game.


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