School or Affiliation: Vanderbilt
Nashville, TN


The Dodecaphonics, referring to twelve voices, was originally created in 1987 at Vanderbilt University as a male barbershop vocal ensemble. While the name implies twelve members, the size of our group fluctuates year to year. As contemporary collegiate a cappella became popular in the mid 1990’s, the Dodecaphonics, or Dodecs for short, developed with popular trends to stray from traditional barbershop styles. We traditionally hold a large concert every semester, and have recorded studio CD’s for sale periodically from 1994 to 2001. The Dodecaphonics is the only all male a cappella group at Vanderbilt, and is often referred to as the premier a cappella ensemble on campus. In combining excellent vocal ability, musicianship, stage presence, and incredibly talented vocal percussionists, we are able to produce a musical product unlike any other performance group on campus. Every aspect of our music, from the selection of songs, to their arrangements, to learning individual parts and critiquing performances is student managed.


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