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The Ditchfield Family Singers

The Ditchfields are truly all members of one family (not just a singing group that uses a family name). The Ditchfield Family Singers have become widely acclaimed throughout the state of Florida, and in many other parts of the country, for their close harmony acappella performances and the variety of their musical presentations. Led by parents Stephen and Bernice, the family includes son, Nathanael and his wife Regina, daughter Stephanie, teen-aged sons Michael and David, and threee little grandsons: Andrew, Christopher and last, but not least, Joshua. Over the past fourteen years, The Ditchfield Family has provided countlessaudiences with unforgettable entertainment experiences, singing the popular music of the '30's, '40's, and '50's, show stoppers from Broadway, and the best loved traditional and inspirational standards of our time. Sarasota Opera House audiences have been delighted with their annual Christmas concerts, which have become a special seasonal tradition, including Victorian-costumed caroling and holiday favorites. Above all, The Ditchfields enjoy and appreciate being a family - singing together, praying together, staying together, and having a lot of fun building happy memories for their ever-widening audiences and themselves along the way. Nobody could have guessed that back at the beginning of World War II, in Salzburg, Austria, a close-knit family seeking its freedom from the villainous Adolf Hitler and Nazi dictatorship would, years later, have a unique effect in Sarasota, Florida. That Austrian family was destined to become the world-famous Von Trapp Family Singers who unknowingly became the role model for a young American family we now know as "The Ditchfield Family Singers." Formation of this versatile Florida family ensemble was inspired by the Von Trapp’s best-loved movie and Broadway show, The Sound of Music. It's not surprising that The Ditchfield Family Singers are often referred to as Florida's version of The Von Trapps.


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