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Distilled Harmony

Distilled Harmony is an a cappella group at Northeastern University in Boston. We believe hard work and desire are the most important factors in making awesome music. But more importantly, we are a group made up of music-loving fools who are just looking to have a good time! History Distilled Harmony was founded in September of 2003 by Heather Jones, an RA in Kennedy Hall, who was tired of the auditioning and selection process that other a cappella groups used to recruit members. As a result, she decided to form her own a cappella group, made up of students who may not have had the best voices, but were willing to make beautiful music regardless. For the entire school year of 2003 – 2004, Distilled Harmony was made up of Kennedy residents who practiced in the dorm’s basement. (Gross, we know… but think of the acoustics!) However, once the fall of 2004 came around, Distilled Harmony slowly began to surface from Kennedy Hall basement, and started gaining more interest. Up until the 2005 – 2006 school year, anyone willing could join the group practically at anytime. This all changed in the fall of 2005, when a problem arose – too many people showed up! And thus Distilled Harmony’s current selection process was born – the open rehearsal. Instead of parading aspiring singers and stressing them out by forcing them to sing a solo in front of scrutinizing faces (a.k.a. American Idol style), Distilled Harmony opens up an entire rehearsal to aspiring singers, simulating a group practice. This allows our potentials to be a little more natural, more relaxed, and especially more comfortable with the group. With open rehearsals every semester, and still being rooted in the philosophy of finding the best combination of talent, hard work, and of course fun, Distilled Harmony has become one of the most recognized a cappella groups on Northeastern’s campus.


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