Seattle, WA


Relocations and other opportunities caused DISH to disband in 2006, but you can still buy their debut album on CDBaby.com! Visit http://cdbaby.com/cd/dishmusic to hear song clips and order the album! Already have the album? Your friends don't! Buy one for them! Nothing says lovin' like a quality (and hilarious!) a cappella cd. :) DISH formed in late 2004 with the intention of creating sassy, original and musically excellent a cappella for the queer women's community. We recruited potential singers through the magic of Craigslist, and after a rigorous audition process found the seven sparkling vocal personalities we call DISH. Because traditional a cappella music doesn't cater to the bottom range for women's voices, we write many of our own arrangements. Our lyric-writing bursts usually happen in the middle of rehearsals, and we store these disruptions in a book fondly called the DISHionary. Through humor and music, DISH strives to present a humorous perspective of our lives to the LGBT community and the community at large, hoping our listeners will realize their lives are not so different from our own.


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