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Dime A Dozen

From one of the founders, Gretchen Upholt:
"Dime was started in Oct. or Nov. 2000. An exact date would be hard to pinpoint... The idea got started at the first or second chorus rehearsal of the year.

We made the connection at some point about us being just a dime a dozen, but at the time we thought it was ironic. We were the third a cappella group to pop up at AU in only two years... OASN and Philomela (the old name for Treble) had started the year before, so at the time, new a cappella groups were "just a dime a dozen!"


Now almost ten years later, we are still alive and THRIVING here at American University. We are students, just like you. We frequently overextend ourselves--whether it be getting involved in our internships, community service, Greek life, Residence life, classes, you get the gist. But the thing that unites all of us is our love of singing, being with other people that love to sing, and singing as a group with all triumphs and challenges come with it!

D^7 Forever!


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