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School or Affiliation: Wake Forest
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Demon Divas

The year was 1998. Divas Amy Bassett ('98), Karon Click ('99), Lauren Furgurson ('99) and Erin Lutz ('00) created Wake Forest University's first secular female a cappella group, worthy of the title "Demon Divas."

Over the past 10 years, the Demon Divas have consisted of fifteen or fewer dedicated and musically talented members. Releasing their first CD "Downpour" in 2000, their second CD, "Avid" in 2004, and their third CD, "Put it on" in 2006, the Divas continue to be one of the most popular groups on Wake Forest University's campus. 

Today the Divas perform at various on-campus events, including Hot Tuesdays in Campus Grounds (the student-run coffee shop), Homecoming events, Project Pumpkin, Hit the Bricks, the Lighting of the Quad, and many others. The girls also perform off-campus at such events as home WFU basketball games, exhibit openings at the Reynolda House, and the annual Festival of Trees - a fundraising event for Brenner Children's Hospital. 

Our repertoire is a diverse mix of old favorites and modern pop, R&B, and even some country flavor. We are continuously learning new songs so be sure to attend our performances to keep up to date! Our 4th and latest album, "Breathe Easy," was released in January2010.

We are in the process of our 5th album which should be released this summer (2012). Be on the look out for a drop date for the best album yet. We're excited to share it with you all!


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