Northampton, MA


The story as told by the founder, Heather Rothenberg '99:

Picture it, Northampton, Spring 1996. I am sitting in my room at Washburn house with my friend Laura Gilbert (a visiting student from NYU). We are wishing we could be popular like all the kids in the "real" a capella groups but we both realize that our singing voices are just never going to make it. In fact, we suck. We are sitting around being miserable about our inabilitiy to sing and it hits us that we should make our own group for kids who can't sing. And we will call it Crapapella. So I tell my friend Silvana Kim (Hopkins House) and she spreads the word there. And soon, in the basement of Washburn, Crapapella is beginning to rehearse. Our first group had about 15 people in it and our first gig was at a Hopkins party. We continued to rehearse that year with mostly Hopkins and Washburn people (and a few others) and had a few more small gigs.

The next fall we continued to rehearse and that year we did the Spring Weekend a capella jam. We were so "good" that the guy who does the reviews for the shows said we weren't that bad and that we should consider getting some help and becoming a real a capella group...after all, that's how some a cappella groups get started. But we did not want to be "good". So we got worse.

The same year that we performed at Spring Weekend is when I wrote the charter and went before the SGA to get funding. I had no idea how it would go but they loved it and from there on out we were official (we could use SGA money and vans and other cool stuff like that).

The last year I was involved, the group began having auditions and being invited to perform at functions just like the other a capella groups. And Laura Gilbert, now back in NY was glad to hear we finally got to be popular.

From there on it, Crapapella really got off the ground. People really liked us. The Vibes even asked us to be in their arch sing. And once we became recognized all over campus, the other a cappella groups started using choreography just like we did. Except we were better dancers. And that is how Crapapella became what it is today.


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