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The Melsos choir was founded by a group of friends from the Spanish city of Gijón in 1998. The ensemble grew both in stability and musical ambitions when Ramón Polledo Carreño took charge of the musical direction. Since 2004, its conductor has been Adriana Cristina García. From its inception, the Melsos choir has sung concerts in many different places, ranging from pubs to theatres and churches. Melsos also participates in choral meetings and competitions. It is a chamber choir, young and versatile - its members enjoy singing ancient music as well as joining rock or jazz bands, always with two definite purposes: making good music and having fun.


El coro Melsos fue fundado por un grupo de amigos en 2001. Empezó como coro Mixto a cuatro voces, aunque desde septiembre del pasado año pasamos a ser coro femenino.


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