School or Affiliation: Kenyon
Gambier, OH


Pat Schneider arrived at Kenyon College in the fall of 1997 as a freshman with a love for both God and music.  Seeking to integrate his two passions, Pat decided to form a group that would publicly present a contemporary, a cappella Christian message. He sought out six other students and founded what would eventually become the Cornerstones.

They held auditions that spring, and incorporated four more into the group. At this point, they had everything but a name. After a long debate, the group finally decided on two possibilities: "Richer Than Gold" and "The Cornerstones." In the words of one of the founding members, "Thank God we chose the latter." May 1998 saw the first Cornerstones concert, and established the Cornerstones in the Kenyon musical community.

Since then, many other members have joined and left the group, but we always welcome our alumni when they return for concerts. In November of 2001 the Cornerstones took our first major tour, traveling to member churches in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. We now tour regularly over the beginning of Thanksgiving break.


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