Founded in 1996, The Dartmouth Cords is one of Dartmouth College’s premier a cappella ensembles.

Fifteen of Dartmouth’s finest men come together to perform a variety of music including rock, pop, hip-hop, and traditional College favorites.

The Cords arrange their own music and choreograph their own… um, well, choreography; they perform at all kinds of venues ranging from Greek houses on campus to Dartmouth alumni clubs, major league baseball games and even Lincoln Center! In addition, they have been featured on CASA's "Best of College A Cappella" compilation.

The group released its latest album, “No Size Fits All,” (entitled as an ode to their diversity and signature corduroy attire) in 2008 and are currently recording their next album. They traveled on their first international tour in the spring of 2011 to South Korea.

Come see the Cords at Dartmouth!


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