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Founded in March 1991 and restructured in February 1995. He has participated in many choral events as the editions of Reef Encounter "Guadalhorce Valley, V Coral Torremolinos meeting and meeting Monachil polyphony (Granada). In March 1996 he participated in the Cycle of Music Vocal-Religious History in Granada. He participated in the events held at the Cathedral of Malaga on the 75th anniversary of the Association of Guilds, in Sacred Concert organized by the house of Jaén in Malaga on the occasion of the Proclamation of Easter, at Teatro Maria Cristina, in Rio Gordo, also in various events during Holy Week in Malaga Brotherhood of Termination by reason of the imposition of the medal Interior Minister Jaime Mayor Oreja, and events organized by the guilds "The Rich", "Virgen del Carmen de Malaga "," The Blood "," The Punishment "and" El Rocio ". Holder's Coral Pontifical Congregation of the Holy Christ of the Good Death and Nuestra Señora de la Soledad (MENA), acting in all his actions. He participated in the "V Biennial Guadalajara polyphony", invited by the Cultural Association Choir Musical Santa Teresa in this capital. He has also been invited to give concerts in Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz) in Nerja (Málaga) and Loja (Granada) to sing along to the corals in these localities. Possible to emphasize choral exchanges Fuensalida (Toledo) in 2003 Barcarrota (Badajoz.) in 2004, in Cartagena in 2008 and Marchena (Sevilla) in 2009. In July 2005, held a Zarzuela Anthology to benefit victims of the Asian Tsunami. In 2008 made ​​a show about Broadway musicals in the theater of social center for the benefit of caritas Churriana Churriana and in the town of Vélez-Málaga. In late 2010 and early 2011 have made ​​a concert anthology of zarzuela with Manuel Amador Band of Alhaurin el Grande.


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