School or Affiliation: MIT
Cambridge, MA


We're the Chorallaries - MIT's oldest coed a cappella group. We make all our music with our voices, from huge solos all the way down to sick drum beats. Who makes them? How about twenty of the best, most talented singers MIT has to offer! Started over January term in the '76-'77 school year, we're comprised of an eclectic group of students coming together from all walks of life to contribute to some serious music-making.

While we enjoy being wildly popular on campus at MIT, we have also gained national recognition through participation in a cappella competitions, production of award-winning CD's, and travel throughout the country. We also happen to be responsible for the infamous Concert in Bad Taste, a yearly night of music and theater where political correctness gets thrown out the window.

All of our repertoire is arranged by group members, so every arrangement you hear from us is 100 percent original! In addition to performing for packed audiences on campus at MIT, we take these songs with us when we hit the road and skies on tour and in competition around the United States and beyond!


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