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Formed at Glasgow University in 2008 (in the belief that great music should also be great fun!), Choral Stimulation’s aim is to produce top-quality a capella music and, through performing, celebrate the art we so dearly love. We love a challenge, and we pick voices that are amazing and different, and then work on blending these together to produce a sound that has quality and a unique touch. A curious combination of songs, styles, and great performers make for some truly epic choral adventures; and more importantly, some top-notch tunes in ways you might not have heard it before. And this year, as always, skilled composition and hard work in rehearsals have produced a strong repertoire of songs that show off our dynamic talented performers. We are renowned for not sticking to the status-quo; we love to shake things up wherever we go, and we are proud to always source all our arranging/recording/choreography from within the group, getting everyone involved. Finally, a hefty dose of socialising keeps the group tight!

Made history on 23rd February by becoming the first non-St Andrews group to win the VFUK Regional Final for Scotland in 2013 in a notoriously hard fought section of the competition.

Choral Stimulation has sung at many events big and small including charity events, balls and down to small dinner parties and conferences. Feel like being Chorally Stimulated and entertained? Book us now.




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