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As one of the main goals of present activity the youth choir Muza sets the discover of new, interesting ways of expression in the music for itself and persons who feel the same way. In new season the choir continues to make up steps towards new artistic activities. The main activities of the choir are finding the new ways to music, its expresion and presenting new ideas, cooperation with composers and many professional musicians. Now, the choir Muza is making a new image and wants to show multiplicity of the choir music. In its programs the choir performes modern music and a big part is left of Latvian classical music as well as traditional Latvian folk-music.
The choir Muza was established in 1947. Its founder and leader through out many years has been maestro Leonids Vigners (1906-2001).
In 1999 the choir transferred into new direction and it became a youth choir. It has participated in festival Monmartre in Europe in France /2000/, International Choir Competition in Arnhem in The Netherlands /2001/, concert tour in Portugal /2003/ etc.
From 2006 the art director and the main conductor is Guntis Cimins. From 2006 to 2007 the 24 new singers have joined the choir and now there are 34 participants.
In 2006/2007, thanks to Guntis Cimins, who is the main initiator, the choir Muza has participated and implemented several big projects in its new formation:
The Aests Songs /the concert with the best choirs of Latvia in the University of Latvia/,
The magic mystery of Midsummer Night /Latvian folk-songs in cooperation with Latvian national folk-group/,
In Memoriam /the concert of the contemporary sacred music in cooperation with chamber orchestra of Jelgava in Riga Dome Cathedral, devoted to maestro Leonids Vigners (1906-2001) and demonstrated diversity of choir singing/,
Silent, Silent /Christmas Concerts in several Churches in Riga, Latvia/,
Our Song /the concert of the best Latvian youth choirs in the concert hall Arena Riga/,
Intro /concert at St.Peter Church in Riga, Latvia/,
Music Inspiratian Landscape /International Choir Competition and Festival, Latvia/,
55th International Polyphonic Competition Guido d'Arezzo, Italy,
Choir Muza 60th Anniversary
Time of Angels / concerts with friends /
The new CD record /in cooperation with the ambient and electronic music composer Raimonds Tiguls/.
From 2007 Choir Muza make several projects with new choir label NKM


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