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School or Affiliation: University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

CatCall A Cappella

Founded in 2008, CatCall's inception at the University of Arizona as a student-lead group of various majors, ages and musical interests, from musical theater theater to death metal, no doubt contributes to the diversity of the ensemble's repertoire and close-knit personality. All of the arrangements CatCall performs are completed by current or graduated members of the ensemble, and the group has a tradition of ending every set with their rendition of the University of Arizona's fight song, "Bear Down, Arizona!".

Highlights from the past seven years include performing in a Straight No Chaser music video, hosting a workshop with the Grammy-winning New York Voices, and hosting an ICCA West Quarterfinal in the UA's Centennial Hall, where they won the right to advance to the 2012 ICCA West Semifinal at USC. CatCall took first place at the 2015 ICCA West Quarterfinal 5 and once again advanced to the ICCA West Semifinal at Claremont College. 

They have recorded two albums, "Scratch Tracks" (released in 2009) and "Nine Lives" (released in 2012). Bear Down!

Be sure to check out "Scratch Tracks" and "9 Lives," available on iTunes and on Amazon. If you'd like a physical copy of the CD, please contact us through facebook, over email at catcallua@gmail.com or through any of our current members.


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