CASH-N-GO turns the Pop, Rock and Jazz worlds upside down and inside out with an a cappella program full of humor, tempo, irony and a very high level of vocal virtuosity.

In the years since it’s founding in 2002, the group consisting of Christina Bianco (soprano), Thomas Haala (countertenor), Wayne Wegener (tenor/bass/arranger), Martin Seiler (tenor/arranger), Thomas Steingruber (a sort of tenor-sounding bass-baritone) and Markus Schmoll (bass) has developed into one of Southern Germany’s most sought-after a cappella bands. Many concerts, performances at corporate and private events not to mention the repetitive participation in important a cappella festivals and competitions (“Vokal Total” 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2008 in Graz, Austria finishing 3rd three times and winning the Audience Award in 2008; “ACC Bundescontest 2008” in Sendenhorst, Germany taking 3rd place in the category Pop Semi-pro; “A cappella Award Ulm 2010” in Ulm, Germany finishing second as voted by the audience; "Vocal Marathon 2012" in Rijeka, Croatia winning the category Pop/Comedy/Free, the Audience Award and the overall victory "Grand Marathon") have contributed to this success.

A repertoire consisting of their own arrangements of hits from the Pop, Rock, “German Hits”, R&B, Country and Jazz genres offers something for everyone: from heart-wrenching ballads to up-tempo Rock classics, the listeners experience a fast-paced succession of humorous, charming and thrilling moments. With the help of their carefree and sometimes sassy contact with their audience, the six vocal artists can claim an enthusiastic and continually growing fan base in Germany.

Each performance by the group is pure entertainment and comes across, despite their busy schedule, as effortless, spontaneous and natural. It’s no coincidence that the description of the group on their website www.cash-n-go.de reads, “a cappella music in a laid back atmosphere”.





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