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School or Affiliation: Case Western Reserve
Cleveland, OH

Case in Point

Case in Point (CiP), founded in 2001, is Case Western Reserve University's premiere co-ed a cappella group.

In the tradition of a cappella music, every sound you hear is produced solely by the human voice (and hands). Additionally, every song we perform is arranged by a current or former member of the group.

While the faces of Case in Point change over the years, we continue to bring you exciting new a cappella arrangements of a wide variety of music.

In recent years, Case in Point has sought opportunities to bring its sound to new places. CIP served as the opening act at the Fall 2010 and Fall 2011 semester concerts for John Carroll University's a cappella group, "Rhapsody Blue." In the fall of 2011 the group also performed at Acapalooza at The University of Akron.

CiP performs at numerous events on and off the Case Western campus. To contact us for your event, please find us at spartanlink.case.edu/organization/caseinpoint.


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