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A Cappella Harmony Quartet

We are the A Cappella Harmony Quartet. First of all, we love God and wish to lift Him up in everything we do. He is the most important thing to each of us. We also love to sing. Anywhere. Anytime. For anyone. We started in the spring of 1995, the spontaneous result of four guys with a desire to harmonize. We started singing occasionally for our church, and other invitations began trickling in. That combined with persistent practice spawned the recording of our first album, Let Me Tell You ‘Bout Heaven, in 1996. Since then we’ve sung at, well, most anything we’ve been invited to. At least when it fits into our schedules. Trying to mesh the schedules of four guys, especially in the early years, posed a substantial hurdle. But weekly practices always allowed us to improve and kept doors open. Our second effort, Upon This Truth, was released in 1998. Byran Smucker -- Tenor David Krabill -- Baritone Konrad Krabill -- Bass Tom Troyer -- Lead Traveling is a beloved pastime of AHQ. In 1999 a minister from our church approached us about flying east with him to represent the mission our church supports. We were enthused and since then we have taken two additional trips with him. We’ve done other traveling as a quartet, most notably a four week trip across the United States in the winter/spring of 2003. We decided to remain near to our roots in recording our third album. We have each grown up with hymns and classic gospel songs, so we dedicated Hymns and Favorites (1999) to such songs. Tom and Konrad have each taken two years of voice instruction from local opera singer Roger McCracken. Byran has also taken a year of lessons from retired choir director, Jerry Friesen. Each member has taken other voice lessons intermittently from other teachers. In addition, the group has had some limited group instruction. The more we learn, the more we realize how much more there is to be learned. In 2002 Lookin’ Up was released. This is a collection of songs, old and new, that we hope will encourage and challenge. There’s traditional Southern Gospel, barbershop, Spirituals, and a couple of newer arrangements. And we're excited about our new album, Purpose, hopefully soon to be released.


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