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Capital Blend started in Spring 2008 when a few women who worked for the same company realized they shared a love of singing. Since then, it has grown to include members that come from all different walks of life, and range in age from just out of college to thirty-something.

Capital Blend sings mostly contemporary works, especially Pop, Rock, R&B, Country and Oldies (but goodies!). The group's mission has always been about spreading female empowerment through song. They are, in addition to co-group members, friends, and in many ways, sisters. Most of the group sang a cappella in college (and in some cases, high school as well), and others come with musical theater and/or classical backgrounds.  Since the group's inception, Capital Blend has created a name for itself in the DC area through bi-annual concerts, as well as performances at corporate events, a cappella competitions, local music venues, and major sporting events.  The group is also a proud member of CASA's Contemporary A Cappella League.


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