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School or Affiliation: Cornell
Ithaca, NY

The Callbaxx

Way back in the days of Fall 2005, a group of youthful, high-spirited, eccentric young women came together to form the group now known as the CallbaXX. Their debut song, "How Come You Don't Call Me", captured the sentiment of many a young waiting soul. The group expanded and their repertoire expanded, taking a new, different approach to all-female a cappella by performing songs such as the Gorillaz's "Feel Good Inc." and Guster's "What You Wish For". After much practicing and performing the CallbaXX, in their first year, have gained quite a fan base and are performing at events and under arches. They had their very first concert in fall 2006. The CallbaXX are grateful for the support of the a cappella community and are ready to RAISE THE BAR.


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