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The Byzantine Girls, Mary and Nancy, present to you on Myspace what we sing every Sunday at our church, St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church - the ancient hymns of our faith. It has been our ministry to offer our voices for the glory of God, and we hope that these selected hymns might bring you closer to Him. We, along with several other families in the Shreveport area, founded St. Nicholas Orthodox Church so that the beautiful Greek Orthodox faith could be presented to Americans in their native language - and so we could understand our prayers as well. The hymns presented on this page are just a sampling of the vast number of hymns the Orthodox Church uses throughout the liturgical year. We are not professionally trained musicians; we sing with our hearts as much as with our mouths. We ask forgiveness for any mistakes we may have made and hope you enjoy experiencing the sound of Byzantine chant.

Although our name is "Byzantine Girls", our style could probably be called Byzantine with an American flair. While true Byzantine chanters throughout Greece and the Middle East learn their craft by studying under an accomplished psalter (or chanter) and sing from memory adding their own personal interpretation to the hymn, we use sheet music. The Antiochian Archdiocese of North America undertook and completed what they call "The Byzantine Project", which was done by a wonderful man named Basil Kazan. He essentially put volumes of Byzantine chants to Western musical notation so the art of Byzantine chanting could be carried to the new mission churches in the US, as well as established churches that wanted to rediscover that style of music. We have also done several hymns with Russian settings, meaning Western harmonies instead of the Byzantine 1-line melody and an "ison", which is a sustaining note sung to give the chanter a reference point...the ison in our chants move occasionally, which is a relatively recent development in Byzantine chant. We hope you enjoy our hymns.


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