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Bulgarian Voices Angelite

They produce sounds of the most peculiar vocal timbre, almost as if it was not produced by the human vocal apparatus at all but by an instrument from some foreign corner of the world. They glissando, shout and embellish, combine crazy rhythms, stack their voices to form audacious chords. And suddenly the folklore clich.. cracks. ..Archaic sound-worlds from far-distant times.. are what one listener thinks he has heard, another a ..marriage of avant-garde and the medieval... Both are talking about the same unique choir of twenty-four women: The Bulgarian Voices - Angelite.

No-one who has experienced one of the many concerts performed by this incomparable, legend-inits- own-time choir has been able to escape the charm and fascination of its voices. Before the fall of the iron curtain, it was known only to insiders in the West, but since the end of the 1980s the Bulgarian Voices have attained unparalleled success. On concert tours the world over, the singers have roused the enthusiasm of countless listeners with their surprising, enchanting and incredibly precise song .. song which touches the soul.

The reward: In 1993 the choir was nominated for two Grammies in the U.S.

The hypnotic, bell-like quality of their voices has taken their song around the globe, turning the twenty-four Bulgarian women into international stars along the way. In many instances, these mystical voices have succeeded in abolishing the boundaries between East and West, young and old, pop and classical.


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