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School or Affiliation: University of Buffalo
Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Chips

Once upon a time, in 1995, a bunch of guys got together and formed a group called Cadence. This group fizzled, not because they had a stupid and way-too musical name (just kidding guys), but rather because they did. We don't ask. The same group of guys, with a few changes, formed together and called themselves the "Buffalo Chips." No details as to the reason for the name were given... Perhaps they were watching CHiPs at the time or some creature influenced the group to name themselves after a buffalo's smelly stuff. We don't really care all that much. Needless to say, the Chips were formed. The original members still tell tales of the first ever Valentine's Day show in February of 1996, and traditions of entertaining full houses, Rubber Duckies, and after-show party excellence dating back just as far. To this day, the Chips continue all of those traditions, and do some other stuff as well. They sing everything from rock and pop to jazz and funk. Add a dash of humor and you have a Buffalo Chips concert. The Buffalo Chips: Entertaining since 1995.


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