Western Suburbs, MA


"Harmony at a higher bandwidth." - That's the BroadBand signature. With thirteen women's voices, we create a rich, distinctive sound on even the most complex arrangements. Singing in as many as nine parts, BroadBand is a Boston-area group dedicated to creating a beautiful harmonic blend and an engaging a cappella performance experience for our audiences. We choose arrangements that are snazzy, melodic, unique. Our repertoire includes jazz, pop and contemporary styles of music. Great music for great causes It's part of BroadBand's mission to make a cappella entertainment accessible for fund-raisers, schools and other good causes. Over seventy-five percent of our performances support schools or charities, and we like it that way. Because singing is not a day job for any of the "Broads," we make service to good causes and good kids our performance priority. We missed singing BroadBand is the brainchild of four college pals nostalgic for their a cappella glory days who decided to dig up some old arrangements and play. Three founders are still with us: Jana, Evangeline and ME. Like power shoppers at a Macy's sale, they picked up a few extras -- ME called on her high school buddy, Mimi, who knew Carla from their kids' preschool, who went to college with Tina, who told her neighbor Rebecca, who brought in her friend, Polly. The Carla-Tina combo also brought in Kim from college days, and Holly, who collared Eliza and recruited Carolyn at a new mother's brunch. Jana knew Ruth through a mutual friend; Randi was surfin' the web in her lab one night and came upon an audition posting. Carla knew Tanya's uncle in college. Wendy knew a friend of Mimi's who sings in another ensemble and recommended us to her. And, of course, afficianados of the Slavic music scene had all heard of Laurie, whom we'd been hoping to snag in order to add depth to our world music platform.


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