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School or Affiliation: SUNY Oswego
Oswego, NY

The Boys Down The Hall

"The Boys Down the Hall" started in the Fall Semester of 2004. Pete Murphy, Terrell Mitchell, Kris Vicencio, Dan Willams, Grant Gustavsen and Marc Berardi all came together with the dream of starting a Mens' A Cappella group at the SUNY Oswego campus. Together they recruited Andrew Leonard, Jim Micucci and Jared Pratt who became the 8 founding members of what originally started as "32 Degrees".

We found that name to be unsuiting to us and searched for a group name with a ring to it, which led us to become "The Boys from Down the Hall"; now just shortened to "The Boys Down the Hall", reflecting our love of singing and being that stereotypical "boy down the hall always singing". But as with many beginning groups we had a slow start, having trouble with rehearsals, finding the time and preparing for performances. Our beginning performances stayed small, at student recitals and open houses performing only one or two pieces.

Things are looking bright for the Boys, having members doing everything from performing on the same stage as Blue Jupiter and the Sons of Pitches, to doing joint concerts with established collegiate a capella concerts like the Stony Brook High C's. The boys are sure to go far and make their mark on the a cappella world.


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