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It was almost 25 years ago that the seeds of Boston Jazz Voices were sown by a group of renegade barbershop singers who got together to venture beyond the confines of single-sex four-part harmony. The unique and unmistakable sound of Gene Puerling inspired this mixed group of vocal enthusiasts. Well known for his singing and arranging for the Hi-Lo’s and the Singers Unlimited, Puerling became the raison d’etre for this newly formed group. His arrangements are characterized by complex and unexpected harmonic twists that make even the most familiar tunes sound new to the ear. Gene Puerling passed away in 2008, but his imprint on vocal jazz lives on. Those who have followed our group over the years will remember us as New England Close Harmony Ensemble, and although we have become Boston Jazz Voices, our dedication to complex harmony has not changed.

What first began as a rehearsal group has evolved into a sophisticated performing group that has reached and touched audiences far and wide. The late Don Loose founded the group in 1985, and because of his passion for the vocal ensemble, singers were even drawn from other parts of the country in order to participate in this one-of-a-kind vocal experience. Some of our current members began with the original group in 1985 and
are just as enthusiastic now as they were then.

Over the years, Boston Jazz Voices’ repertoire has expanded from our Puerling origins to include a focus on jazz arrangements from the American songbook, and more recently, jazzed-up versions of a more diverse repertoire of songs. Our performances have taken us to medieval churches in Paris, to white colonial churches in New England, to schools and libraries and assisted living facilities all over the region, and to local radio and television. We’ve sung the national anthem at Fenway Park in Boston, celebrated Christmas at Old Sturbridge Village and have rung in the New Year at First Night in Boston. You can find us at festivals of all kinds of a cappella music where we are often chosen to represent that Big Band vocal sound possible only by a group of our size and mix.

What Boston Jazz Voices offers is a unique combination of those classic sounds plus
contemporary vocal jazz idiom. Our membership consists of talented musicians from all backgrounds and age groups, and yet we are all dedicated to the same mission: to perfect the vocal jazz ensemble, and to capture the spirits of those who hear us. We share a love for the same ensemble vocal jazz singing that our predecessors dreamed about.

Boston Jazz Voices is indebted to those whose dreams and passions provided the
foundation for what we strive to accomplish. It is our hope that we can reach and touch all who are drawn into the magic of vocal jazz ensemble singing.


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