School or Affiliation: Middlebury
Middlebury, VT


The Bobolink (or dolichonyx oryzivorus), as Wikipedia tells us, is a small New World blackbird that is the only member of genus Dolichonyx. Characterized by their short finch-like bills and light weight, they often display creamy napes, white scapulars, lower backs, and rumps.

What Wikipedia won’t tell you is that the Bobolinks are also Middlebury College’s oldest coed acapella group! Founded in the spring of 1992, we are an entirely student-run ensemble with a diverse repertoire and a passion for performing. Get to know us better by exploring our “Members,” “Repertoire,” and “Discography” pages.

If you feel inclined to get in touch with us for booking requests, CD orders, general inquiries, recipe ideas, the answer to the meaning of life (or really any reason at all), please do: we can be reached at bobolink@middlebury.edu.


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