We all started to sing when we were little girls (sounds like a fairy tale, but a true one this time), so you can say music and singing has always been a part of our lives. Dana sings yet as long as she can remember. Tina & Karolien have been part of a choir for a long time and have learned there the general basics of singing together. Two years ago we decided we wanted to do something different than before. We started to rehearse every week to search the repertoire that fitted the best. In 2006 we started to take weekly lessons at Oldskool in Brussels. Larry, our vocal coach, guides us to evolve fast and motivates us to face every possible challenge. After a lot of thinking we decided to call ourselves "Bluscious", because we can't help but "blush" now and than ;-), but the most of all because we experience an enormous pleasure or "lust" from singing together to create a blending and warming sound. When we thought about which kind of music we would like to sing, we tried all kinds of music styles. And actually... We like to sing almost everything!


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