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BLEND is the a cappella doo-wop group bringing back hits from the 50's and 60's with a twist of fun! They make very clear in their frivolous act that they love what they do.

Blend was formed at John A. Logan College as a minor project that quickly blossomed into the makings of a successful career for its four members. "We started in 2005 for a talent show and ended up winning it. From there, we found we had a unique sound. So, we decided to pursue it as a career," said Estes. The real strength of Blend lies in their ability to entertain crowds of all ages with their renditions of songs which most everyone has heard at one point or another all while keeping a Christian undertone. On top of their classic doo-wop routine they are also a deeply spiritual group and love to share their gospel music as well.


In 2008, Blend appeared as special guests at the Dick Clark American Band Stand Theater in Branson, Missouri. This led to an offer to perform their show in Branson at the Gene Williams Country Music Theater on a regular basis. However, the timing was not right. Blend had to decline the great opportunity due to their dedication to their education.


During the successful year of 2008, the group made some changes to the presentation of their show. Developing a show that was fit for Branson with a bit of nostalgic and unique flair, Blend began touring as far south as Florida and into the northern part of the country in states like Minnesota and South Dakota. The show quickly gained attention as audiences in 16 states began to love seeing appearances of special guests such as Elvis, Roy Orbison, the Duke of Earl, and even comedian Stagger Lee throughout the show. Due to the overactive response, Blend had options of placing the show full time in the cities of Hannibal, MO and Paducah, KY in 2010.


After making several appearances throughout the years in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the city proudly welcomed Blend to present shows daily at the Vienna Theatre throughout the summer season of 2011. Nestled in the heart of downtown Hot Springs, Blend quickly became a "must see" show. The group is still touring throughout the country today presenting their ever popular show, Forever Doo Wop...A Tribute to the 50's and 60's.


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