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School or Affiliation: Gonzaga University
Spokane, WA

Big Bing Theory

Gonzaga University's premier a cappella group. For shenanigans and singing only.Biography

In 1998 Erica Heinz thought that the one thing Gonzaga was lacking (aside from a football team) was a co-ed a cappella group. She made up her mind after listening to the Stairwells sing during her freshman year that nothing would complement the all-male group better than a little competition.

During the fall of 1999 Erica pulled together some friends and, with a high school classmate who had a similar vision, the first version Big Bing Theory was born. The group practiced frequently, but they had no name and only one performance singing the national anthem for the men's basketball team.

In 2000 Erica tried to get even more support for a cappella at Gonzaga. She held auditions, set-up rehearsals, and the group was born (again). Watching the Discovery Channel inspired the name, and after their first breakthrough performance in Hughes Hall during November of 2000, the "Big Bing Theory" knew that a strong audience following wouldn't be too hard to come by.

BBT grew quickly in popularity, and forty wannabe BBTers auditioned in 2001. After those inaugural years, some good old BBT lovin' and publicity around campus and the Spokane Community the Big Bing Theory has grown into a successful and talented co-ed a cappella group. BBT has developed relationships not only with the music department at Gonzaga, but with University Relations, the Board of Trustees, and most importantly, the student body.

Every fall new students anticipate the announcement of BBT auditions and look forward to their first concert. The group tours through the hometowns of its members during the summer and has an alumni gathering around graduation time. Once a member is part of the BBT family it's hard to forget it. Alumni of the group remind the newcomers each fall how lucky they are to be a part of something so great at Gonzaga and to keep up the good work sharing the BBT love!


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