School or Affiliation: Dryden High School
Dryden, NY


Started back in the spring of 2003, "beyondmeasure" is Dryden High School's acappella Group. Directed by Sandy Duncan, these 15 students (8 boys and 7 girls) have achieved international recognition in the short time that they have been together. They have produced two CD's thus far- "beyondmeasure 2004" which was featured on BOHSA's (Best of High School A cappella) 2005 CD (a compilation of the best high school acappella groups from around the world), and "Quiet Please" which was recorded back in June of 2005 and has various versions of pop, gospel, and traditional a cappella arrangements spun into one awesome disc. Rumor has it that a selection from their new CD "Quiet Please" has been selected for BOHSA's 2006 CD!


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