School or Affiliation: Oxford University
Merton College
Merton Street
Oxford, VA


The Oxford Belles, are Oxford University’s sassiest female a cappella group. We are available to sing at any occasion and are happy to sing for you.The Oxford Belles are Oxford University’s sassiest all-girl a cappella group. We like to do all our own arranging, and have an impressive repertoire spanning numerous genres, and decades, from 60s tunes right up to the present day. Our group ethos is to support and inspire each other to produce beautiful music. The strength lies not only in the quality of our musicianship, but also in our close friendships. The Belles were formed in Michaelmas of 1995 by Helen Whiteley, a year-long visiting student from the University of Virginia. Having sung with the Virginia Belles, Helen was eager to continue the a cappella tradition on this side of the Atlantic. So, posters were made to attract singers for the "Oxford Belles", Oxford's first all-girl a cappella group. Our first rehearsal was held in St. Peters in early 1996 with about 15 girls crammed into Helen’s bedroom, singing Passionate Kisses. Ten years on, the Belles have firmly established themselves as one of the frontrunners on Oxford’s active a cappella scene. Our music is something that we take very seriously; with twice weekly rehearsals and an ever expanding set list. Our gigs have taken us across the country - from Edinburgh to London - as well as our regular haunts in Oxford, including various bars, balls and the annual Hilary Bellesfest at the Zodiac.


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