PO Box 10533
Bainbridge Island, WA


Bella is three women who sing every kind of music under the sun, and sing it a cappella. Our voices have very different timbres — from Susan’s smoky, textured tenor to Emily’s fluty soprano to Georgia’s strong, honest alto — and our musical influences are equally diverse. Our repertoire includes gospel, folk, pop, jazz, 1920’s dancehall numbers, and original works. We consider our arrangements to be among our strongest assets. We take advantage of our different vocal qualities by trading and interweaving parts, and we strive for harmonies that are surprising and exhilarating.

We’re all solo performers as well as members of Bella, and have known each other for years, as we travel in the same musical circles out here in Kitsap County. When Emily wanted a few women to sing a cappella at a show, Georgia enjoyed it so much she had a few women to sing a cappella at her show, and Susan enjoyed that so much she did the same... and by then we were hooked. We had our first concert as a group in October of 2004.


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