The Choir “ Belcanto” is a mixed choir, where students from various faculties and high-school pupils predominantly sing. The spiritual and secular music, of mainly Serbian and Russian composers, make the standard repertoire. The capital compositions of the great world composers are also in the repertoire. The conductor Vesna Souc, M.A., founded the Choir “ Belcanto “ in 1996. Since 1998, Ana Simic, M.A. was the conductor of the choir “ Belcanto “. Nada Vukovic Dencic, M.A. is the conductor of the choir “ BELCANTO “since April 2000. She has had numerous concerts with that choir in Belgrade (atrium of the National museum, the gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ethnographic museum, pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, the Russian center, Sava Center, the Fresco gallery, the Student’s Cultural Center, Saint Sava Temple, The Museum of contemporary art…). It is important to mention participation at the festivals “The Days of Mokranjac” in Negotin and "The Days of Helen d'Anjou" in the monastery Gradac, as well as the concerts performed abroad (The Republic of Poland, The Republic of Portugal, The Republic of Slovakia, The Russian Federation, The Republic of Germany, The Kingdom of the Netherlands, The Republic of Macedonia, The Republic of Srpska, Czech Republic, Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy…) -2001. LAUREATES of the Fifth Easter festival of the Russian spiritual music in Krasnojarsk (Russia) -2001. GOLDEN BELT – THE FIRST PRIZE in the category of mixed choirs, as well as THE SPECIAL AWARD for the interpretation of the national composition at the Ninth Academic Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) -2002. SILVER DIPLOMA in the category of mixed choirs at the Fourth International competition of choirs Miltenberg-Elzenfeld (Germany) -2002. THE FIRST PLACE in the category of mixed choirs at the First International choir festival "Dragan Suplevski", Skoplje (Macedonia) -2003. THE FIRST AWARD in the category of mixed choirs at the Third International choir competition "Zlatna vila", (“Golden fairy”) Prijedor (Republic of Srpska) -2005. THE SPECIAL PRIZE for the best performed composition with the folklore elements in the category of mixed choirs at the Fifth International choir competition “Zlatna vila“(“Golden fairy”), Prijedor (Republic of Srpska) -2005. THE SPECIAL AWARD for the best interpretation and high artistic achievement in the category of mixed choirs at the International competition “Bogorodica, Dostojno jest”, Pomorie (Bulgaria) -2007 LAUREATE at the 13th festival of sacred music Choirs among Frescoes, Voislav Ilic prize, in the chamber choirs category, with Belcanto choir and approbation for research in the field of the contemporary Serbian sacred music.


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