New York, NY


A world-renowned Jewish a cappella group, Beat'achon has been delighting audiences from New York to Hong Kong, from Toronto to Miami since 1991.BEAT’ACHON is the world’s premier Jewish A Cappella singing group, bringing a fresh and exciting new sound to the Jewish music scene. Beat’achon’s unique blend is part “doo-wop,” part pop and rhythm & blues, celebrating traditional Jewish lyrics with a vibrant contemporary musical style. The six-man ensemble combines rich vocal harmonies and catchy rhythms in its repertoire of original compositions and arrangements, ranging from spirited upbeat tunes to soulful ballads. what’s in a name… The name Beat’achon is a transliteration of the Hebrew word for faith. An unusual English spelling was chosen to include the musical term “beat” within the larger word. the rest is history… Beat’achon was formed in 1991 by six boyhood friends who grew up singing and harmonizing together at the Shabbat table. The six midwesterners, transplanted to Manhattan’s Upper West Side, decided to prepare a few songs for a neighborhood talent show. They were a hit! The enthusiastic response convinced them there was an audience for their music. Many concert opportunities followed, for which they continued to write and arrange new songs, and in 1993 the group recorded its first album, Beat’achon: Jewish A Cappella. To date Beat’achon has performed extensively in North America in such cities as New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami and Dallas and even as far away as Hong Kong, China, with more cities and countries to come.


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