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School or Affiliation: Boston University
Boston, MA

Aural Fixation

n the fall of 1997, Kim Baker (c/o ‘99) founded Aural Fixation as a new opportunity for females to sing a cappella at Boston University. Debuting “Manic Monday” at the 1999 Homecoming Extravaganza, Aural Fixation has since established itself on the BU a cappella scene.

In addition to holding concerts each semester (past concerts have included “AF The Police”, “AF Weekly”, “AF My Life”, and "AFletes"), Aural Fixation has also traveled to many other schools in and around the New England area to perform as a guest group. While AF is most well-known on campus for their concerts, impromptu performances, and popular Singing Telegrams on Valentines Day, the group also performs at competitions, fundraisers, and at various Boston University sponsored events.

Check out our album, "So Good!" featuring covers of artists ranging from Madonna to Guns N' Roses. And look for a new album coming soon! Do not miss out.


We're known to throw great parties and even better concerts. We laugh easily and we love to sing. Our music ranges from Guns N' Roses to the Beatles, from ABBA to Alanis Morisette to Mika. Check us out whether it be for auditions or concert dates, you will definitely not be disappointed!


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